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How Do I Register For an MPOWR account?


Each MPOWR user will receive an email with a click-able link inviting them to complete a registration process in order to establish access to their MPOWR system. If you didn't respond to the emails sent to you please send us a trouble ticket so we can send a new invitation. Once the invitation is sent to your email this is what you will see.

  • You will see the words "Click here" in blue. Once this is clicked on you will be prompted with an initial sign in asking to sign in using your Google login information or your email address. It's important that the email address you type in is the one on file.

  • After you click "SIGN UP". You will then be emailed your user ID and password. From here put in your user ID and password and then click "LOG IN" If you forgot your password you will see Don't remember your password? Simply click on the wording and you will be emailed a link to update it.

*If you are still having trouble logging into your system after these steps please submit a ticket*

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